D-Vine D Ring Belts by Oliver Green

Peter Davis

I grew up wearing "ribbon belts" or "D" belts (for the D shaped belt clasp). Mine were usually embroidered with whales or nautical flags or some preppy symbol, but now designer Sandra Oles has launched Oliver Green which have amped up the preppy staple to new heights of hip. I'm obsessed with the bold black and white floral design and the snakeskin print. So why the name Oliver Green? "I was driving to upstate NY one afternoon and came up with the name," Oles tells me. "I said aloud, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Oliver Green. The name has a certain cache to it, a feeling, almost like an English tailor. It can go wherever I want to go with the line: rock and roll, bohemian, or preppy -- like me."

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