Chicago's own raunch-rap queen, CupcaKke has an new song about reading your cheating ex for filth before kicking him out of your place, called "Exit." Against a shimmering trop-bop beat, CupcakKe lists off all of her cheating boyfriend's crimes as she puts his stuff in a Hefty : "Go and lie, say you left me to one of your besties/ Acting like you can't get replaced, you feeling like Wesley/ Playing Pokémon, the way these n***as out tryna catch me." It's everything we've come to love about CupcaKke – empowering, hard-hitting, razor sharp, and real as fuck. Her debut album, Queen Elizabitch, was released this March and is definitely worth a revisit any time you need to work a strut.

Listen to "Exit" below...

Splash image via Instagram

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