Crystal Castles' fourth LP (and first without former frontwoman Alice Glass) Amnesty is out tomorrow, and the electro-thrash-punk duo have released their final new single, "Sadist."

The tune features new frontwoman/vocalist Edith Frances' beautiful, and ghostly vocals prominently, against Ethan Kath's soft-to-ferocious production.

Rolling Stone published a great Q&A with the rising singer today, where she addressed Amnesty's greater message, including "LGBTQI rights, women's rights – "My Body, My Rights" is a big thing Amnesty [International]'s pushing right now – the rights of children, fighting against discrimination. So many things.

Frances also revealed that 100% of proceeds from the album's physical copies sold will go directly to Amnesty International.

In a statement posted on the band's Facebook, the 24-year-old vocalist articulated CC's commitment to human rights, and how the many tragedies of 2016 have affected the band:

A lot of fucked up stuff is going on in 2016. Its been a year of glaring violations of human rights. As much as the world can seem scary, seeing how so many people are reacting is inspiring. It's vital for us to actually support the people taking direct action to make a difference.

The band's share of proceeds from our new album Amnesty (I) will be donated to Amnesty International. Physical copies (vinyl/cd) have a bonus track. We want our voices to call attention to issues that need to be illuminated. Amnesty International stand up for human rights by fighting injustice hands-on, and gives a voice to those who may feel voiceless. They fight for LGBTQ rights, women's rights, prisoner rights, and children's rights. They fight against discrimination, arbitrary detention and unfair trials, and civilian injustice. They are the people on the ground working to change these issues and they need our help. Not just our words, but also our resources. The world is at a critical tipping point. Human rights have no borders, no language, no religion and no race. This applies to you and affects you. I challenge more musicians to do the same with their albums. Donate your proceeds to a charity of your choice. No longer can we sit back and watch and talk; what we really need right now is action.

In her Rolling Stone interview, Edith also discussed the pressures of filling Alice Glass' shoes, with the tremendous fanbase built around her, while being sure to say, "We're only talking about the new era. And, you know, only because we want to respect [ALice]. … Not being able to talk about herself and be here."

Frances continued:

Alice was an awesome frontwoman, but it is crazy how receptive people have been. It's been overwhelmingly positive. The shows are fun and … loud. Just think about all the bands that have had second singers. … Like Black Flag, Iron Maiden, Carcass … The list goes on and on. And it's amazing to get a good reaction. I mean, my favorite Black Flag singer was Henry Rollins, and he wasn't the first lead singer they had. It goes to show you, it's an evolution. Things change. Growth is always positive.

Go off!

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