Croc Time: The Campanas do Lacoste

Luigi Tadini

Sportswear meets art? An uncommon combination indeed, but when sportswear giant Lacoste pairs with world-renowned design duo the result is electrifying. For their fourth Holiday Collector’s Series, Lacoste looked south of the border and found inspiration in the work of Sao Paulo-based furniture designers Fernando and Humberto Campana. The Camapanas are considered to be the most successful design team hailing from Brazil, and were the first designers from their home country to be showcased at MoMA back in 1998. Known for their creative use of ordinary materials (cardboard, plastic, wood scraps, etc.), their unusual and strangely constructed chairs that bridge the duality of their rural background and the urban cities of Brazil, have become expensive objects of desire amongst the artsy crowd gracing some of the ritzier hotels and homes across the globe. The 2009 collaboration, launching October 1st, is based on the famed Alligator Chair, made of plush stuffed animals, showing how the reptiles pile up in mud beds during the rain-forest's dry season. The 20,000 limited edition pieces will be offered in four distinct designs for both men and women. The crowning jewel of the sibling’s collaboration is the made to order super limited edition polo shirt (only 12 pieces will produced)! The polo is handcrafted entirely with Lacoste’s iconic crocodile logo recalling the artisan lace work found commonly in Northern Brazil. The super limited edition shirts are produced in collaboration with Coopa-Roca, a socially responsible and sustainable development organization based in the Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro’s biggest shantytown, providing work for craftswomen and seamstresses who live in the underprivileged neighborhood.

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