Creepy "Hostel"

Among the movies scheduled for release for the holiday seaason is Eli Roth's Hostel, a suspense horror flick that's scaring even hard core horror fans like Paper's Cinemaniac Dennis Dermody who turned me on to this clip. Culled from lots of pulpy-but-true stories of international organized crime, human trafficking, and sex tourism, the movie is said to be relentlessly graphic and deeply disturbing, rife with explicit sex and brutal violence, according to yahoo. The simple plot tells the story of three backpackers who arrive in a Slovakian city looking for a good time and check into a hostel... Roth's Cabin Fever is a favorite of gore fans and he worked with Tarantino on Kill Bill 2 so it may not come as a surprise to discover that Tarantino is the producer of Hostel.


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