Courtney Love Made a Meme

Courtney Love Made a Meme

One of the only celebrities worth following on Instagram is Courtney Love, whose presence on the platform has been charmingly candid of late. She's living in London, reflecting on her past and present, boycotting Spotify and generally keeping the '90s rock star spirit alive. She's also making memes — or at least, she's made one meme, and it's not a bad effort at all for someone who is famously Gen X.

Early this morning, Love shared a throwback photo of herself, Anna Nicole Smith and Avril Lavigne attending the 2004 World Music Awards official afterparty at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The unlikely party girl trio have been doing the rounds on various Instagram meme pages — perhaps Love came across this post, shared by @notallgeminis last month:

Her own meme utilizes the very on-trend "Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss" slogan that has become the "Live, Laugh, Love" of nihilist zoomers and millennials. She nailed it obvs:

The Lavigne-Love pairing is ultimately what makes this photo so insane and such good meme fodder — it feels unlikely that Love is a pop-punk fan, right? This is the woman, after all, who called out Gwen Stefani for being fake. What did she and the Sk8er Girl talk about that night?

The presence of Anna Nicole Smith is also noteworthy. This isn't the first time Love has referenced her friendship with the former Playboy Playmate of the Year, who passed away following a drug overdose in 2007, on her grid. And elsewhere on her Instagram, the Hole musician has also written about her sympathy for Britney Spears — another young blonde star who she sees as falling victim to 2000s celebrity culture.

In a recent interview with Voguepromoting a new video series in which she'll cover her favorite songs, Love said she wouldn't return to Los Angeles until Spears is freed from her conservatorship. Legends supporting legends.

#FreeBritney and #FollowCourtney, folks. We hope more memes appear on Love's grid soon — she's a natural.

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