Cornered Style, Paris Edition: Claire Torchiana

Jacob Stavis

NAME: Claire Torchiana

AGE: 18

WHERE WE FOUND HER: Boulevard des Invalides, 7eme Arrondissement

WHAT SHE'S WEARING: Jacket by Isabelle Marant Etoille, vest by Claudie Pierlot, dress from a market in Thailand, shoes by Veja, watch by Hermes, bag by Brunello Cinelli, scarf "from Mommy."

TELL US MORE... Claire, a Paris resident, is spending her final summer in France before starting at Stanford this fall. She's working as an intern at the Louvre, which is "surprisingly boring."

SOMETHING ONE SHOULD DO WENT VISITING PARIS Velib' through Paris at night." These public bikes can be rented from many locations throughout the city for just a few Euros.

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