Corinna Kopf is coming under fire for saying she's always been hesitant to get vaccines.

Earlier this week, the YouTuber tweeted about the "anxiety some people face when asked to take a vaccine," seemingly referencing herself. Granted, the part that appeared to elicit the most backlash was her argument about how "we are consistently asked to respect people's feelings and personal choices."

"But all that is thrown out the window when someones nervousness is taken as selfishness," she wrote.

In response, commenters criticized her take by pointing out that respecting people's feelings and personal choices doesn't apply when we're talking about "putting my life at risk & the lives of other people," as one person wrote.

"How about some respect for other people's right to go about our lives without having to risk getting ill because of some1's nervousness?," they continued, while another echoed the sentiment by writing, "It becomes selfish when someone puts others lives at risk by dropping all covid precautions as if they're vaccinated."

However, Kopf went on to explain that she's not "worried about the needle or the shot itself," rather she has "health anxiety" over "how [her] body might react, and that will drive [her] out of my mind." Not only that, but she also clarified in a later tweet that she wasn't an anti-vaxxer, before defending herself by saying she has "all [her] other vaccines and plans on vaccinating [her] kids."

However, the former Vlog Squad member ended up incurring even more backlash after revealing that she's never gotten a flu shot as it's not a "mandatory vaccine" and suggested that it wasn't all that necessary because she's "never had the flu."

"Not that it even matters," she added. "Not getting the flu shot doesn't make you anti vaxx. The fuck."

But even so, Kopf eventually stopped responding to all the criticism with a final tweet in which she said she "might just get my covid vaccine tomorrow."

She added, "Being called a pussy, a coward and being told to die a few times really convinced me and eased my nerves."

Photo via Getty / David Becker

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