While we still reel from his previous Today show performance of "Go 4 It," 80s icon Corey Feldman delivered another stirring incantation from his upcoming music album Angelic 2 The Core.

Dressed in another faux chain mail hoodie (complete with serious eyeliner), Feldman and his band of Angels performed the song "Take A Stand" for Tamron Hall and the rest of the Today crew.

Feldman added that the song was a timely message for our addled nation.

This song, by the way, is for America. We're at a time right now when the world needs to focus, really, on peace and love and tolerance, especially with all the bullying. So, this is about the government. This is about the race. This is about the United States.

Addressing the viral internet jeering in the wake of the shocking performance, Feldman said he's rising above it, and has received words of encouragement from Kesha, P!nk, and Paris Jackson.

I'm not letting the bullies get to us. A lot of people get hate in the beginning because we're doing something new — it hasn't been done before. But, it's all about innovation and being an artist, and we can't be afraid to share our art.


Check out his performance below.

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