Cool Kids Crimp

Cool Kids Crimp

Theron LongFeb 09, 2017

The next big trend in men's hair isn't going to be found in the streets or on television. No, you're going to see it first online. So imagine our surprise when we discovered that all the cool kids online were crimping their hair. Look no further than for tons of inspiration! In this exclusive shoot for Paper Magazine, hairstylist Lorenzo Diaz crimped these hipsters straight outta the 80's.

Zane wears a top by Private Policy

Photography: Matthias Vriens-McGrath

Creative Direction: Theron Long

Producer: Erin Francis

Hair Stylist: Lorenzo Diaz

Asst Hair Stylist: Cassie Kurtz

Styling: Adrian Manuel

Asst Stylist: Marint Tordby

Makeup: Laila Hayani

Set Design: Stewart Gerard


Aleix Ordonex & Zane of D1 Models

Stephen Staehle of Major Model Management

Damien Median & Joland Nvaj of Red Model Management