CONservative governMENt

My favorite word creator (No, she's not just a published author who wrote The Only Bush i Trust is my Own;  I also call her a word artist and thinker.) Periel Aschenbrand had a fashion show the other night benefitting  the "keep a child alive fund" with the money going to buy retroviral drugs for kids. And the show was fantastic. Aschenbrand screens t-shirts with smart slogans that punch one in the nose with their short and powerful political messages about AIDS, drugs ("Drug dealer"), our pathetic government ("BUllSHit", "CONservative governMENt"), women's issues ("KNOCKOUT," "The show is UPSTAIRS," "Keep your laws off my fucking body!" "Does date rape mean I also get dinner?"), Breast cancer awareness ("What would you give for a great set of tits"), Gay issues ("because sodomy is fun!", "Weddings are so GAY").
She even got our old friend Tyson Beckford to walk for her. And he is looking GOOD lately, no? We LOVE Tyson! Periel is amazing. And her show was amazing. They don't come along like this very often these days. Check it out. These photographs are by Gary He.


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