Monster Munch with salad cream

Unpopular opinion: the UK is not a "culinary wasteland." Sure, I once traveled 2+ hours to get to one of England's 3 Taco Bells, but for the most part who wouldn't enjoy a cuisine whose cornerstones are beer, fries and bacon, in that exact order? 

Well, further proof of their gastronomic gall has come in the form of Mr. Crisp, a brand new sandwich shop in West Yorkshire that's dedicated to my favorite "not-a-pay-day" snack -- the crispwich or a pile of potato chips piled on your choice of white or wheat rolls. No joke.

For £1 (£1!), you get to choose from over 50 types of chips and a variety of toppings for 50 pence extra. And while I'm not too keen on endorsing the BBQ-marshmallow combo, I'm sure the salt & vinegar crisps covered in ketchup more than make up for it. Really!

Salt & Vinegar chips with ketchup

BBQ chip with marshmallow cream
[h/t Mirror UK and Grub Street]
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