Lots going on this week! I can't believe I awoke this morning to a TRANSIT STRIKE. Ohmygod! I dont know what will happen as we are on such a harsh magazine deadline and half the staff lives in Brooklyn. I need to research car services. OY
Last night I had dinner with the lovely Ruben and Isabel Toledo along with my old friend Joey Arias who was in town for a nanosecond taking a tiny break from his grueling Las Vegas show schedule. (He has been starring in the Cirque du Soleil's Zumanity for the past three years!). Check out his photo here as Joan Crawford! It was so great to see them all. Artist Ruben and his gorgeous designer wife Isabel had just come breathlessly from dropping some work off at Fedex and Joey had come from getting his feet rubbed! I've known Joey since we drove cross country to live in New York together in 1976!!! (You can say that we are family) And I have known Ruben since 1982 when I was starting PAPER and he was working as a sales person in a Soho shop that I frequented. He kept telling me about his girlfriend who was an amazing designer and that they were going to get married. Well they did, and we became friends and the rest is history. All three have come so far and have such stellar careers. Ain't I lucky to have friends like this????



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