Openly gay Los Angeles based comedian/writer Jeffery Self is hosting a Facebook Live event at his LA home, featuring a slew of gay comedians and performers, today from 3 pm to 6 pm (PST).

The telethon/grassroots occasion was inspired by the horrific Orlando gay nightclub massacre on Sunday, which left 50 dead, and 50+ wounded.

Self told PAPER:

We've all felt pretty helpless these past few days; not knowing what we can do besides giving money, signing petitions, and honoring those whose lives were lost.

And in my frustration, what I selfishly wanted most of all was to be around my queer friends, to remind myself of the power and community of LGBTQ people.

So, I figured why not stream live on Facebook, so that maybe people without a queer community could feel included in mine.

The event is going to be very low-fi, laid-back, and, if I had to guess, a fucking MESS.
But, that's what community is: a messy fun time with people you love.

Some notable gays expected to breeze through are Drew Droege, Bryan Safi, Sam Pancake, Jordan Firstman, Simon Curtis, Jake Wilson, and Matthew Risch, among others.


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