(header photo taken by Michael Sharkey)

NYC based comedian/actor/impersonator extraordinaire, Cole Escola, has released a new entry, directed by NYC filmmaker Doron Max Hagay, in his seemingly endless pageant of glorious sketch characters; meet Jessup Collins: fashionista, lifestyle guru, author, in the midst of a SUPER chic photo shoot with Marie Claire.

Donning a perm-wig, ghoulishly bad spray tan, and puffed up lips, Jessup explains just how "crazy" her life is, being the host of Help! No, wait! Makeover! Emergency, emergency! Wait! NO! on the Style Network, AND the author of a new book Think Fabulous Thoughts.

Jessup gives women her go-to tips for unlocking their "Diva-tential," including what studies have shown men love most about women (hint: it's smiling), whether or not a guy likes a daddy's girl, the great carb debate (ie: what's the best substitute for mashed potatoes?!), and who should make the first move.

It's hilarious, and at the same time horrifying, how-on-the-nose Escola's parody of just how little magazines and "lifestyle experts" assume of women's self-esteem and intelligence.

Watch the genius below.

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