Cold War Kids Make Up For Their Skimpy Tour at Terminal 5

Nell Alk

Maybe The Cold War Kids felt compelled to play 15+ songs at their sold out Terminal 5 performance Friday to compensate for their limited mini-tour. The concert marked the second of a two-night stint in our neck of the woods (they played the Music Hall of Williamsburg the previous evening), and was their fourth show on a short six-stop tour. They began in L.A. and San Francisco, headed next to New York, then moved on to the Windy City and, tonight, lay it down in Anchorage, Alaska of all places. I imagine during their stay they'll really live up to their name, no? (Bad joke?)

Not that a lengthy set from the Cold War Kids isn't a treat. The indie rockers played a solid set, plucking numbers from both their debut album, Robbers & Cowards, as well as their more recent release, Loyalty to Loyalty. Their EP, Behave Yourself, dropped January 19th, so it goes without saying that they tested out a few of these ditties, too (view the EP promotional preview video here). For those of you who have yet to snag it, Behave Yourself  is loads of fun: Four newbies and an alternate take on Robbers & Cowards' hidden track "Sermons Vs. The Gospel." Click here to peep the music video for "Audience," my top track amid the little collection, which features the guys and their respective girlfriends (how cute). Two things I love about it? Most of it takes place on a sailboat (sigh), and hot-as-hell lead singer (and pianist/guitarist) Nathan Willett is shirtless through most of it. Girlfriend? What girlfriend?

But I digress. Cold War Kids wound down their act with an encore, which included covering fellow Cali-bred band Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Long As I Can See The Light." My favorite bit, aside from Willett's exaggerated gesticulating, which included arms outstretched as if he were preaching his own gospel, was his sweet means of trying to quell a fight in the front row. "This is not rowdy music. This is about love," he said. "We're taking the angst out of you, I hope."

Photos by Meimi Yeung  

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