Coachella is breaking the rules this year and not in a cool way — despite California's recent law permitting recreational marijuana, the festival will not abide, maintaining their weed-free guideline from previous years. Under Cali's law, each town can choose if it wants to participate in recreational weed sales, and Indio (Coachella's home city) has decided against it.

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The festival's FAQ page answers the evident question with "Sorry bro. Marijuana and marijuana products aren't allowed inside [the festival]. Even in 2018 and beyond. If that changes, we'll update this answer," a let-down for the typically stoner-friendly crowd, especially since Coachella's final day takes place on 4/20 this year. That said, TMZ plugged some of Indio's neighboring cities that do sell recreational weed for festival-goers interested in a quick detour.

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