Chxrry22 Takes Out the Trash on 'Wasteland'

Chxrry22 Takes Out the Trash on 'Wasteland'

There's nothing wrong with a little reminiscing, and Toronto's own Chxrry22 makes it sound so good.

The rising R&B star plays on the concept of duality for her debut EP, The Other Side. Victims can be villains, what feels good can also be bad, and it's okay to want love without sacrificing your independence. She soars into success as the latest signee on The Weeknd's XO Records and as the roster's first woman. With a powerful group of label-mates that also includes Nav and Belly, Chxrry steps into the spotlight as a necessary balance.

"The Other Side is for every bad bitch that has been counted out," Chxrry says about her latest project. "Being the first woman to sign to XO has been a surreal experience. Working with someone who you feel understands you creatively and who you’ve respected for so long... it just makes sense."

Aided by Atlanta powerhouse producer Childish Major, "Wasteland" stands out amongst her debut collection of swanky and sultry R&B, The Other Side. She wears her heart on her sleeve, asserting that it's not a tall task to be treated like the center of someone's universe. Once the object of her ire notices who she's surrounded by (presumably referring to the XO roster) she shuts down the sudden attitude change: "Oh, now I'm not a bitch no more?/ Now it's all X and O?/ You applyin' pressure, oh?/ Found out that I'm pressure?"

The accompanying video, which premieres on PAPER today, further plays on Chxrry's frustration with the dating pool, opening with an instantly memorable shot of her taking out the trash. She moves around like an inquisitive and confident '50s detective, on the prowl to dispose of all the time-wasters in the world.

"This was shot in my hometown, Toronto, and is easily my current favorite song off my project," Chxrry said. "I wanted to pay homage to all the beautiful women from my city and the ‘wastemen' they’ve had to deal with. Most women have had a shared experience of being overlooked and it felt right to make a song that they can feel empowered by."

Below, watch the PAPER premiere of "Wasteland" by Chxrry22.

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