Chuck and Camilla Visit New York

Now some of you MMBloggers are no doubt wondering what MM, self-proclaimed Mary Monarchist thinks of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall who was presented to New York society at the Museum of Modern Art this week. Now first let MM say that it was very unfair of the Prince of Wales to enter into marriage with poor, emotionally fragile Lady Diana Spencer when he was in love with someone else. And it was not a nice way to pay her back for being one of the best things ever to happen to the royal family by fucking his ex-girlfriend. Still that's not Camilla's fault. And Charles has had a rough life (he and the father are not very compatible) and MM is happy to see that they've managed to find some happiness together. MM was against the marriage but, as always, seeing the two of them in love at the ceremony and after, made MM's cold gay heart melt. And MM is tired of hearing that she can't dress. She's a 60 year old woman and she looks fine. So leave the bitch alone!!

photo by Caroline Torem-Craig


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