Last night, the recently rebooted Twin Peaks debuted with a stacked double-premiere. At the end of the two-hour special, Chromatics appeared to perform a quasi-new song at the show's classic Roadhouse Bang Bang Bar.

"Shadow," as it's called, was originally slated for the band's criminally delayed Dear Tommy album — which, after being announced close to three years ago, has still yet to see the light of day — but instead is now our first peak into what Johnny Jewel and the rest of the band have in store for the show's always mesmerizing soundtrack. (If you recall, back in March, Alexis Rivera of Echo Park Records announced that both Chromatics and Johnny Jewel would be "involved with the new season" of Twin Peaks.)

Today, the band has shared the accompanying video for the song. Although it doesn't evoke the show's spirit as closely as it did when it was performed live on the episode last night, it still packs a pretty heavy Lynchian kick. Most notably, the members of the band can be found singing in front of a red curtain that eerily resembles the curtains found in the famous Black Lodge.

Don't believe me? Feel free to judge for yourself.

Splash photo via YouTube screenshot

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