So Amazin' (Island Def Jam)

First singles can be misleading. From hearing "Say I" -- Christina Milian's pop-hop banger with thug-rapper-of-the-moment Young Jeezy -- you'd think that So Amazin' would be this summer's urban musical masterpiece. Think again. Though with this, her third release, Milian promised to get more personal and more real, her new album turns out to offer the same bubblegum pop she's purveyed for the past five years -- this time dressed up in hard-hitting, edgy musical compositions. For example, take the supposed diss to Nick Cannon, "Who's Gonna Ride," featuring Academy Award–winners Three 6 Mafia. While the track borrows from the rappers' chart-topping "Stay Fly," the final product is anything but. The lyrical content and vocal arrangement -- or lack thereof -- both more readily call to mind a Disney production than the heartache of a grown woman scorned. "Fooling" follows a similar theme related to a cheating man, but also doesn't deliver. A sprinkle of club jams does not the perfect album make -- it also takes consummate songwriting and vocal skills.

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