Chris Kattan Goes from Mango to Mumbai

David Hershkovits

SNL veteran Chris Kattan is lovingly remembered by fans for Mango, the character of a male exotic dancer with unexplainable yet irresistible sex appeal who performed in a strip club. Needless to say, it was all played for laughs with the mystery of Mango's sexiness a never ending punchline. Starring in IFC's three-part Bollywood Hero, Kattan is mining the same territory but with a twist. This time he's...well, Chris Kattan a semi-successful funnyman (by LA standards), doomed to a career of costumed insignificance who wants to be a leading man. Alas, he runs into an Indian director in Hollywood looking to cast an American in a Bollywood movie in the hopes of scoring in the international market beyond the borders of India. Fast forward and we're in Mumbai and Kattan comes to grips with reality. He can't sing, act or dance and the cultural misunderstanding land him in some significant hot water. IFC's Bollywood Hero site is chock full of additional goodies, including outtakes and other funny stuff featuring Keanu Reeves and Maya Rudolf. IFC, Aug 6, 7, 8 at 10 pm.

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