UPDATE: This video of an interview Tinashe did with Entertainment Tonight-CANADA gives us some insight into how she really felt about her recent collab with Mr. Brown

Also, fellow C. Brown co-conspirator Zendaya made some moves of her own today, unfollowing, and deleting every single mention of Chris Brown from her Twitter.


Woman-beater, Chris Brown, took to Twitter last night to remind the world, yet again, why he is the truest form of scum.

The singer shamed rising R&B singer Kehlani following the tragic news of her attempted suicide, accusing her of hamming it up for sympathy.

Brown's comments came in apparent defense of Kehlani's ex-boyfriend, Cleveland Cavalier star Kyrie Irving...

...Kehlani's attempt at her own life came in the wake of rumors that she had cheated on the pro-basketball player.

The Grammy-winner/bona fide psychopath, who in 2009, literally broke the face of his former girlfriend, Rihanna, seemed to have no remorse for his callous tweets:

Can we pass a bill to exile Chris Brown to a volcanic island for the rest of his life?


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