Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat Launches ‘RIP Daddy’ Clothing Line

Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat Launches ‘RIP Daddy’ Clothing Line

Karl Lagerfeld's cat, like the rest of us, is in mourning. But Choupette — who unfortunately won't inherit any money from her extremely wealthy late owner — isn't retreating from the public eye during this dark time. Perhaps out of financial hardship, she's actually launching a limited edition collection of t-shirts, mugs, and iPhone cases. Karl would be… proud?

Choupette (AKA the social media team behind popular account @ChoupettesDiary) has a devoted following, and the #RIPDaddy collection is available from her official online merch store. As a press release explains, "While this has been a heartbreaking time, the Choupette's Diary fans, followers, and fashion folk have filled her with love and support for which she will be eternally grateful. With this love and support, it has given her strength to put her best paw forward and launch a commemorative #RIPDaddy collection."

The range of clothing and accessories is illustrated by Monica Smiley, who created the Choupette's Diary logo. They feature Choupette wearing a veil, along with Karl's trademark neck tie and dark glasses.

The press release also vaguely indicates that a "select portion" of proceeds will benefit the Helen Woodward Animal Center in California, which I guess makes this whole thing slightly less creepy.

Say it with me: #RIPDADDY! Shop the collection here.

Photo courtesy Choupette's Diary