A friend who knows Chloë Sevigny said she once told a story about a date whose walls were plastered with pictures of past US Presidents -- and I can't help but wonder if this POTUS phreak somehow made it into her new zine chronicling the men in her life.

Following the recent release of her self-titled photobook Chloë Sevigny, the somewhat cynically-named No Time For Love zine is filled with candid snaps of everyone from fleeting lovers to her father -- with each man's face covered by a sticker. A little voyeuristic and a lot sentimental, it's an intimate look at one cult celebrity's romantic life, which you may be surprised to see isn't so different from your own.

No Time For Love comes out June 17 via Innen Zines.

[h/t Dazed and Confused; photos via]
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