Chez Ralph!

Luigi Tadini

Delicious French food is, of course, always one of the major highlights on a trip to France, but sometimes boy just needs a juicy burger after footing it around all day during Fashion Week. No need to comprise your setting, however, as the Americana deity, Ralph Lauren, recently transformed a 17th century hôtel particulier in Rive Gauche into a fine dining destination with his new eatery Le Restaurant Ralph. To complement the new Ralph Lauren flagship, the designer opened the doors to his first restaurant, cleverly blending true American flavors with Parisian décor. The romantic courtyard, which once housed horses for the use of the hotel's noteworthy residents, has been revamped into an inviting open-air dining room  with grand umbrellas and large planters -- the perfect setting for an afternoon cocktail. A majestic antique fireplace sets the tone for the spacious main indoor dining room replete with Lauren's signature quotidian flourishes including saddle racks, horse blankets and traditional hunt paintings. The menu is also an ode to American food: imported Maine lobster, Maryland Crab and a divine Black Angus beef straight from Mr. Lauren's own RRL Ranch in Colorado. Classic all-American cocktails, from whiskey sours to mint juleps, are a proud representation of the best boozy concoctions the western world has to offer. Yep, it's a lot to take in, but, then again, we wouldn't expect anything less coming from the man who made "le style américain" universal.

Le Restaurant Ralph
173 Boulevard Saint-German
75006 Paris, France

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