Cher's Wig Game Is Back on Track in the New "Woman's World" Video

by Max Kessler

Cher's back on the charts with her new video and single for "Woman's World," which will be available for download October 13th. The track is exactly what you would expect from the diva: dancey, thumping, and destined to be played at gay parties all over the nation. So let's concentrate on the most important part of the video: Cher's wig game. First of all, Cher has clearly gotten very, very acquainted with paper shredders because her main wig is a giant number made of nuthin'-but-newspaper. Maybe that's commentary on being tabloid fodder, but we're not going into it because there are two more important wigs to talk about! One is a blown-out-to-death, natural (on a Cher scale) ginger weave and the other is a stick-straight dalmatian number with razor-precise bangs. So we can all breath a sigh of relief: despite some well-publicized bumps, Cher's wig game is still right on track. There's also a crew of ladies of all shapes and sizes looking happy to bust a move -- which, duh, they're in a Cher video. Watch above.

[via Towleroad]

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