Cherie Lily's Hawt Workout Videos

Loyal Papermag readers know that we're not exactly the picture of health, but we're trying to be more fitness-minded these days by going to the once a month. So sue us, it's hard to wake up in the morning! Thankfully, our favorite fitness guru, pal to Richard Simmons and downtown pop queen Cherie Lily is here to help us stop being lazy with some fun work out videos to make getting in shape at home a little more convenient (and hot). Below, check out the Papermag premiere of two exercise videos from Lily that coincide with her awesome new Dripping Wet EP, out now (which features a collaboration with the amazing Jonte Moaning). We'll have the flattest abs and leanest arms in indie mag publishing in no time. We might even challenge Vice to a situp contest..

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