Checking in With Jill Stuart After Her Cher-Inspired Spring Show

Rebecca Prusinowski

Jill Stuart rocked the New York Public Library with a spring collection inspired by none other than Cher. It was flashy and it was fierce, with leather, studs, fringe, shimmering fabrics and architectural cuts. While there were no ass-bearing tights à la Cher's "Turn Back Time" music video, these party dresses were so short, there might as well have been! The collection's heavy embellishments, black and white color-blocking and mix of fabrics continued fashion's current love affair with the rocker chic look. No complaints here -- that white leather jacket with studs and metallic details was to die for!! Amidst the backstage madness, press retreated downstairs where we chatted briefly with Jill, decked in her signature black minidress and tights:

What kind of woman were you envisioning when you created this collection?
The Jill Stuart woman. Keeping with my sensibility but always evolving. A modern woman –- today’s woman.

I heard you mention that you were very inspired by Cher in this collection.
I was!

Is there a particular era of hers that resonates with you most?
I looked through all the years. I had a really big old scrapbook of hers and I just went through the whole thing from the beginning to now…

Have you ever dressed her?
No! I haven’t.

We need to get Cher on the horn!

With all of the studding and the details in this collection, it seemed a touch more hard-edged than your last spring collection, which I thought -- with the pastels and the flowing fabrics -- looked rather ethereal. Can you explain the change in mood?
Well, I think the last [Fall] collection had a rocker vibe. I just feel that the modern girl wants more of a rocker vibe, but I still play soft against hard. It’s like an angel rocker, you know? It’s still feminine but it does have a harder edge right now, and I think that’s the direction fashion is going in.

What did you tell your models before they went out?
I told them to be very strong, to walk strong, to feel strong.

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