Checking in with Colette

Julia Frakes

We just love wading through the Colette website -- whether for the killer music, mischievous little ro(sie)bots, or super fun, well-edited medley of merch -- it's practically a daily ritual!

While the cooler-than-thou Parisian boutique does peddle a portion of their streetwear department online, the site tends to veer more towards the limited-edition tchotchke persuasion and offers very few of their sought-after designer duds.

Bump that! Rumor has it that the entire contents of Colette's Fafi-etched bricks and mortar venue will soon arrive sur l'Internet! Their complete Sarah-approved inventory will be uploaded online while the store is revamped this summer.

In the meantime, be sure to snatch up a Trousselier purple rabbit before they hop away! Portions of your purchase will benefit World AIDS Orphans Day by providing FXB [Association François-Xavier Bagnoud] the means necessary to build 20 new "Village Modèles" before the end of 2009.

Why a purple rabbit, you ask? When FXB chair Doctor James Oleske -- one of the first researchers to ascertain that HIV was transmittable from mother-to-child -- was asked by a little boy if he would look after his toy bunny, Dr. Oleske kindheartedly obliged.

The illustrious purple rabbit has inhabited the doctor's pocket ever since, cheering up sick children as their bright-eyed and bushy-tailed buddy. A limited edition of purple rabbits were recreated to commemorate World Orphans Day and are procurable at Colette, rue Saint-Honoré. The rabbit is available as either a brooch or stuffed toy in purple, mauve and burgundy.

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