The first time we saw artist Jeremyville's daily blog Community Service Announcements -- simple pop art cartoons with inspirational captions like "I believe in me" and "Be as you as you can be" -- we thought they were so adorable and uplifting that we wanted to carry them around with us all the time. Now, thanks to a joint effort between the Brooklyn-based artist and Colette, we can do just that. Jeremyville is teaming up with the Parisian boutique to create a limited run of collabs with brands like LeSportsac and Mighty Wallet -- and to launch the first CSA book, "Live Life Sunny Side Up," with a signing by the artist Wednesday night, 5- 8pm.

We're particularly stoked about the LeSportsac collaboration, which includes two totes, a backpack, a duffel, and a cosmetics bag, all printed with Jeremyville's CSAs. They're cute without being kitsch -- and what better daily pick-me-up could you have than a bag that reminds you to keep your chin up?

CSA prints are also on display in an in-store exhibition, "Jeremyville at Collete," which runs through August 29. Check out the LeSportsac cuteness and some of our favorite prints below. 

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