Check Out Check You Daily

Jake Stavis
I hesitate to call myself a fashionista in the fullest sense, but this isn't to say I don't care about what I'm wearing. To be perfectly honest, as a borderline unhealthy Facebook addict I'm plagued by an irrational fear of being photographed wearing an outfit on an inappropriate number of occasions. Thus I was overjoyed when I received my ultra exclusive invite for the new personal style website Check You Daily. After filling out a brief application and getting approval from site monitors, Check You Daily users can upload, tag, and share their looks in an interactive forum, or create  a personal style journal to archive their day to day garb. Looks are catalogued by both location and the items tagged, so searching for inspiration is a breeze. Also fun to note: the site is vaguely reminiscent of Cher Horowitz's mind-blowing achievement of 90's computer programming as seen in Clueless ("MISMATCH!"), and any opportunity to live out plotlines from said cinematic gem should be embraced wholeheartedly. In addition to the user-generated content, editors behind the site have included an ICON section, featuring interviews with some of style's biggest names, and a SCOPE section in which professional stylists select 3-5 of their editorial works, "[demonstrating] intricacies of their own work in their own words [and] giving insight to the development of a look." Très chic, non?

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