Check Out Awesome Designer Crowns In Honor of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee

In honor of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee (or, in layman's terms, her 60th anniversary), Harrods has commissioned a slew of designers to create exquisite crowns, which will be on display at the department store through June 15th.  Each fashion brand -- from Boucheron to Bulgari, Lanvin to Mulberry -- incorporated their own unique aesthetic into the headpieces, while maintaining much of the original structure and ornateness found in St. Edward's coronation crown, which they used as inspiration. Check out some of favorites below and let us know your favorite -- we like the traditional De Beers one and the crazy Cavalli crown-meets-fuzzy-bowler-hat.

[See more images at Vogue UK]



De Beers




Paul Smith

Roberto Cavalli

Tiffany & Co.


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