Check It, a documentary from directors Dana Flor and Toby Oppenheimer that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this week, examines the lives of members of Washington DC's African American gay and trans street gang, The Check It. Formed in 2005 by a group of bullied 9th graders and currently 200-members strong, The Check It offers a beacon of security, empowerment and protection from the violence and routine victimization experienced by the vulnerable LGBT youths in DC's poorest neighborhoods. This documentary follows a group of childhood friends in the gang as they try to break away from their lives of fighting, stealing, and selling drugs to create their own fashion line. Must. See.

Watch the Check It trailer below...

You can catch the final showing of Check It here on Sunday, and see the rest of our Tribeca Film Festival highlights here.

[h/t Gawker]

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