Cheap Monday's Underwear Rave at An Abandoned Laboratory in Stockholm

Tiffany Gong
Jewelry designer Tiffany Gong, of Six Six Sick and Triskaidekaphobia, has relocated from NYC to Stockholm. We asked her to keep PAPERMAG abreast on what's shaking in Sweden, and she'll be writing little reports for us from time to time. Take it away, Tiffany!

Last night, Cheap Monday celebrated the launch of their first underwear collection with a Cheap Art Party (i.e. massive warehouse rave) at the now defunct National Bacteriological Laboratory on the outskirts of Stockholm. The name might be creepy (and possibly something you might now want to associated with underpants) but the eerily abandoned-looking three-story lab space served as the perfect setting for the art installation by Frederik Heyman: a giant, gravity-defying structure suspended from the ceiling, made out of hundreds of pairs of Cheap Monday underwear stitched together. The surrounding rooms were transformed into "secret caves" filled with fog, balloons and strobe lights, and of course a true warehouse rave wouldn't be complete without the requisite glow sticks and fluorescent drinks, available for purchase with the stack of Cheap Monday money given to each guest at the door.  

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