Chatting With Teen Internet Sensation Lohanthony of "Calling All the Basic Bitches"

Mickey Boardman + Elizabeth Thompson

We adore celebrity correspondence and were tickled magenta last week when Broadway/ TV star Cheyenne Jackson sent us a link to "Calling All the Basic Bitches," the latest video by Internet sensation Lohanthony. There's not really much to the clip -- just a kid in a crazy outfit making a new announcement for all the basic bitches. And yet we watched it like 100 times in a row. We had heard talk of Lohanthony, who has amassed a cult following on Tumblr, Twitter and YouTube for his devotion to all things Britney Spears and Twerking, but had no idea just how major an eighth grader in aqua-colored tights and plastic sunglasses with a bored valley girl monotone could be. Naturally we dropped everything and reached out to Lohanthony for a hard-hitting e-mail interview. Below, he talks about his Internet fame, school and which Brant brother he's most partial to.

Can you explain what a basic bitch is?
A basic bitch would have to be someone who does what everyone else is doing and isn't their own person at all.

Walk us through your look in this video. Why the tights?
Funny that you asked this. I recorded this video towards the end of my school year and my school has a yearly event where you dress up real crazy and take a break from school.

Do your parents know use you use the 'b word'? What do they think about your online presence?
Yes, my parents know I swear and they know about my videos. My mom likes my videos (being that she was in a few of them), but my dad, not so much. Ha ha.

Where do you live? What grade are you in? Do you like school?
I go to school in New Hampshire but all my family lives in Massachusetts. I'm in eighth grade and, yes, I like school socially, but education-wise, like any regular kid, not so much.

You talk about your personal style and clothes in some of your YouTube videos. Who are your favorite designers? Where do you like to shop when you go to the mall?
One designer that has my attention is Donatella Versace. My local mall really doesn't have a lot of selection, but when I online shop I go on sites like Asos, American Apparel and Topman.

Which Breakfast Club character are you most like? If you haven't seen the Breakfast Club, which Spice Girl are you most like? If you don't know who the Spice Girls are then we give up.
Haha, I have seen the Breakfast Club and I feel like I am mostly like Claire. When she spoke we had an instant connection. I've seen some of [Molly Ringwald's] other films and she is just a really great actress.

Why is your name in Korean on your Twitter page?
No reason particularly, but it says "Spears" and I thought it stood out in Korean print.

Do you relate more to Peter or Harry Brant?
I feel like I can relate more to Peter because he's graduated from high school and he spends his time traveling around the world viewing fashion shows. That sounds like a great life to me.

What do you think of Tavi?
I think she's amazing, seeing how she rose to fame at 13 from her fashion blog. I can really relate because I was viral through Tumblr at the same age.

We found out about you through Cheyenne Jackson. Do you have other famous fans that you know of?
Actually, yes, Katy Perry has seen one of my videos. Her fashion designer tweeted it and said "If you and I had a child and gave it to Rihanna it would be Lohanthony" and he added a link to one of my YouTube videos.  From there, a whole variety of celebrities saw my videos and found me. People like Adam Lambert, Sky Ferreira, and Chris Crocker.

Who are your biggest style inspirations?
Some of my biggest style inspirations for women would definitely have to be Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga. I say Miley because of her urban style, which looks so modern yet so original at the same time. Speaking of originality, I also chose Gaga for her multiple variations of looks and how she can pull of outfits that look so mind-boggling and sexy at the same time. I also discovered a new artist that is going to be huge, named Azealia Banks. Her song "212" is exploding all over the radio. [Ed note: Yep, we've heard of her.] I can't quite describe her style but it's very grunge looking and different in the best way possible. I don't really focus on male style in celebrities, but I get most of my inspirations from someone that I met through twitter who became a really close friend of mine. He dresses in what he calls "'60s and '70s casual vintage" clothing. You can see some of this looks here, here, and here.

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