Chatting With Nacho Figueras, Minnie Driver and Rachel Zoe at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

J. Everette Perry

Though polo matches are usually found on pristine fields in the UK, this year the Pacific Palisades proved to be just as fabulous and worthy a home for the annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic. There were no princes and queens, but plenty of L.A. royalty turned out to sip on champaign and take in the match including Minnie Driver, Rachel Zoe, Mischa Barton, Cameron Silver, Buzz Aldrin and Sex and the City's Willie Garson. Of course I'd love to pretend that everyone came out to enjoy the age-old sport of aristocracy and turn the tufts at half-time, something tells me that the huge crowds of women turned out to get a glimpse of  international polo star and the face of Ralph Lauren's Black label (and all Polo colognes) Nacho Figueras. PAPERMAG chats with Classic attendees, including the Argentinian heart throb, below.

What song were you listening to before the game?
Nacho Figueras: As I was coming up the grassy hill I was listening to "Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z. The song is very powerful and moving."

What do you eat before games?
NF:  It's tradition to always eat a big bowl of pasta, no sauces just plain.  It gives me energy."

How did you become a fan of polo?
Minnie Driver:  My father was a player and I remember being a little girl going and watching the sport."

How did you decide what to wear?
MD:  Dolce & Gabbana is a perfect fit for any occasion.

What do you think about the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic coming to LA?
Rachel Zoe: I've gone to many matches in the Hamptons and I've always wanted them to bring polo back to L.A. Apart from awards shows, you can wear jeans to almost any black tie event, like this one.  Hollywood Glamor is everything, so the more reasons we have to dress up the happier I am. 

Are you dressing up for Halloween?
RZ: I'm the worst at Halloween is just isn't my forte.  I will probably pull something out of my closet that is a mix of Indian and Flapper.  All I"m saying is lots of fringe, feathers and gloves.

Do you believe in luck?
Buzz Aldrin:  The world is run by probabilities. If you're in the right place, it's good luck. If you're in the wrong place, you have bad luck. Either way, I don't think we really influence the way luck works.

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