This weekend, CHASM is coming to Brooklyn and bringing an other-worldly convergence of dreamy visual performance and electronic soundscapes with it. A brand new multidisciplinary event curated by Julia Sinelnikova aka The Oracle, it's set to be an illuminant installation of light and art, paired with shows from New York's most innovative voices in music and live performance, including Teengirl Fantasy's Logan Takahashi, performance artist Richard Kennedy and Prince Harvey.

"It's just the language around me...[to create in] a multimedia [experience] I don't find as often in the white-wall gallery world," Sinelnikova told us. "With CHASM I wanted to bring together a group of talented solo artists from the local scene who are driving new genres forward, framing the performances with light art and movement works. It is meant as an open forum to create dialogue between these artists and their community outside of the traditional club structure."

Definitely something we can get down with. Buy day passes here, and check out the full line-up as well as the Facebook event page below for more details.

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