With its steady stream of selfies showing off her ever-changing DayGlo-dyed hair and irrepressible style, Charlie Barker's Instagram account has attracted a loyal following that's 600,000+ strong. The British Internet It Girl and model says she started her account in 2014 after graduating high school. As she puts it, she didn't have a job, "so I was like, 'What's this platform I can fuck around on a bit and post hella pictures over the summer?'" Her self-styled snaps soon nabbed the attention of a model scout, who encouraged her to move from her native Nottingham to London to pursue full-time work. And while she's had to cede some creative control over her images when modeling for the likes of Diesel or Ashish, Barker says she's been surprised by the agency many of her clients have given her (on occasion, she's had the freedom to style herself and do her own makeup at a shoot). But these somewhat atypical situations are fitting for Barker, because, after all, she's most definitely "not an average model." And she won't ever let you think otherwise.

Text by Sandra Song

Photography by Charlotte Rutherford

Styling by Adele Cany

Hair by Travisean Haynes at Crosby Carter Management

Makeup by Christopher Ardoff for Lancôme

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