Charli XCX took to Twitter last night to put BBC3 on blast for airing a controversial mini-documentary that broadcasts the views of men's right activists on primetime TV.

"Men At War" is the latest episode of filmmaker Reggie Yates' Extreme UK show and speaks to a number of men who say their rights are being endangered by the social justice movement spearheaded by the likes of women and the LGBT community. And with the teaser showing blogger Roosh V complaining about women being lauded for looking like "fat, outer-space cyborgs" at one point, it's no mystery why Charli's upset.

Charli's main gripe, however, is that the program was broadcast during peak viewing hours on a channel with a young viewership, while her own documentary discussing feminism ("The F Word And Me") was shown at a time when much of her core demographic couldn't watch. A salient point that really puts into question what types of messages the programmers at BBC3 are trying to elevate -- after all, while a diversity of viewpoints (no matter how repugnant) is important, "positivity should be promoted. not negativity."

Read all of her tweets below.

[h/t Dazed]

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