Charli XCX once told us that she's "inspired more by movie characters than musicians," and that definitely comes through in the video treatment for "Doing It." Like Britney Spears before them, Charli XCX and Rita Ora embark on a wildly nonsensical road trip in the name of girl power and friendship. Although Charli XCX doesn't confirm this OBVIOUS Crossroads reference, she explains,

"The video was very inspired by Thelma & Louise, Natural Born Killers and Barbie. Rita and I went out to the Californian desert and shot in some incredible places with some incredible people. I was very inspired by Florida strip clubs, 70s fashion (I'm wearing flares!!!!!) and David Lachapelle. It was so fun working with Rita on this. We had a wild time."

Watch Charli XCX wear flares, above.
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