Charles Lutz Paintings and Yoko Devereaux Designs at the Tribeca Grand Hotel

Kat Clements

There are only a few days left to view Charles Lutz's Sold series, on display at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. So get yourself a glass of something sparkling at the bar and take in his haunting, candy-colored, circular scenes. Many of the pieces feature famed Sotheby's auctioneer Tobias Meyer in a typical layering of art-world imagery that Lutz is known for. His other work, however, seems to channel another world, a glossy one, filled with branches and birds. Either way, they are worth a good long look.

I know Charles from the amazing collaborations he has done with the divine men's line Yoko Devereaux. And it was the label's creative director, Andy Salzer, who co-hosted a fun fashion-filled party last week in celebration of both Lutz's opening and Yoko Devereaux's redesign of the Tribeca and Soho Grand hotel's uniforms (a wardrobe addition that makes these bellhops and concierges some of the best-dressed in the hotel biz.) I just love when style sets in somewhere unexpected -- and the guys at the front desk seemed to get off on their new gear too.

Fortunately for all the fellows out there, you can snatch one of these Yoko Devereaux shirts at their Brooklyn boutique, where you should also keep an eye out for Lutz's gorgeous printed tees. You might not be able to afford the paintings from his show, but you can probably shell out the money for a more wearable work of art.

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