Chapin Sisters Kitchen Concert

by Pierce Jackson / text by Abby Schreiber

"Cathy's Clown"

We've been fans of The Chapin Sisters' beautifully tender folk pop for years and were excited to hear that they were embarking on a new project where they'd be slicking their hair in pompadours and covering classics by The Everly Brothers. The record, A Date With the Everly Brothers, out now, features Abigail and Lily covering songs like "Cathy's Clown" and "Crying In the Rain."

"We've been a band for a while and we used to be a trio with our sister, Jessica," Lily says. "But after she left to have a baby, we began exploring what it means to do two-part harmonies rather than triads...and The Everly Brothers are the heroes of two-part harmonies." She adds, "We'd always taken forays into the land of covers and one day when we were listening to [The Everly Brothers] while we were cooking, we started singing along and thought it would be fun to learn those parts."

"We thought we'd record the songs quickly and throw them on our website," Abigail adds. "But then it spun into a much more elaborate process...It's been a really great master class about two-part harmony and it's been good for our musicianship to learn [The Everly Brothers'] tricks and ideas."

To that end, we asked the sisters to show off those harmonies with a little kitchen concert where they played songs off the record like "Cathy's Clown," "Down In the Willow Garden" and "Crying In the Rain." After a string of tour dates in support of the record along with joining She & Him's Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward on tour this summer, the sisters will be playing a show October 8th at The Standard East Village. And -- psst! -- it's free!

"Down In the Willow Garden"

"Crying In the Rain"

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