Channing Tatum is a man known for his sculpted physique, a carved form reminiscent of a Bernini or Michelangelo. According to this Magic Mike fitness journal, looking like you are made of marble is very challenging, and involves many vegetables. But Tatum has embarked on a new sculpting journey: sculpting actual sculptures.

On Wednesday, Tatum shared an image of a clay figure on Twitter. "This was my attempt at creating a sculpture of Picasso's Guitarist," he wrote. "It's [sic] was starting out ok. Then i had to get different clay for the hands. Then my daughter destroyed it."

Despite Everly Tatum's attempts to ruin her father's work, the actor soldiers on. "Hahahaha oh well," he wrote. "Start a new."

Channing Tatum is the best. When is he getting a solo show?

Photo via Getty

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