Watch Kesha Play Harmonica In Her "Here Comes The Change" Video

Since Kesha unveiled her acoustic protest ballad "Here Comes The Change," which she penned for the forthcoming Ruth Bader Ginsberg biopic On The Basis of Sex last month, Kavanaugh was voted onto the Supreme Court, we learned a climate disaster is due by 2030, and became aware of the Trump administration's plans to obliterate trans rights.

So it's bittersweet watching Kesha perform the uplifting song in its new stark, black and white video, which reveals her in a fluffy, sequined gown going full Bob Dylan, harmonica and all. Shots of the singer strumming, contemplating the American flag, and paging through photos of civil rights heroes are interpolated with a montage of the biopic which stars Felicity Jones as Ginsberg. However, Kesha's roaring voice-cracks are powerful enough to capture both our grief and rage at what hasn't changed RBG's days as a pesky young lawyer storming Washington D.C. for the second wave, and resilient hope for the future.

Watch below.

Photo via YouTube

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