Luxury brands often dip their gilded toes into the market of everyday object - usually with a high fashion twist and a price tag to match. There was Tiffany's $1,500 tennis ball can, Louis Vuitton's $8,250 skateboard, Hermès' $350 bookmark, and now, Chanel's $1,325 boomerang. The item has been around for awhile as part of Chanel's sporting collection (which includes $3,350 beach rackets and a $1,550 tennis racket), but resurfaced online when makeup artist Jeffree Star tweeted about it:

Immediately, people were pissed and sounding off online - about the price tag, yes, but also about Chanel's cultural appropriation of Indigenous Australians, who are one of the poorest demographics in Australia.

As The Guardian reports, "At $1,930, it costs nearly 10 percent of the average income of Indigenous Australians."

Chanel issued a sorry-not-sorry statement, saying: "Chanel is extremely committed to respecting all cultures, and regrets that some may have felt offended."

[h/t The Cut]

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