The constant stream of brand collaborations that have popped up in recent years is enough to make anyone's head spin. We've seen everything from Target's annual designer, mania-inducing collaborations to Hello Kitty teaming up with the Playboy bunny to Pharrrell Williams working with basically everyone. Sometimes these collaborations hit the mark, while others, um,  miss completely. Today, Champion Athleticwear, in conjunction with three designers curated by the trade show Capsule, is launching Champion Select, a collection exclusively available at Urban Outfitters. Designers Timo Weiland from New York, Craig Green form London, and Wood Wood from Copenhagen were each tasked with giving Champion's basics a modern update. We'd say they succeeded, creating athleisure pieces that perfectly blend Champion's heritage and their own design perspectives. Take a look at the line below.

Photographer: Devyn Galindo
Models: Luka Sabban, Request; Imaan Hamman, DNA Models

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