Chairlift Takes Over Bowery Ballroom

Alex Catarinella

You're probably familiar with Chairlift, thanks to the iPod Nano commercial that featured their saccharine pop ditty about faulty headstands (AKA "Bruises"). But these aren't just any cutesie indie rockers who happen to kick it in Billy Burg: they're actually really awesome live. And they have the fans to prove it. While New Yorkers are keen on fleeing the island over the holiday weekend, all the cool kids in their best dancing skinnies were at the Bowery Ballroom for Chairlift's headlining gig on Friday. I caught just the end of John Maus' spoken word chaotic-ness, because I was keeping busy with my boo Jamison on the rocks at the bar. But I made it just in time for Here We Go Magic who yes, were magical musicians. However, this wasn't party all night long, crowd surfing music -- more like eat a batch of special brownies and have a nice trip. So, the mix of soothing tunes and lighting choices (or maybe it was just my drink), resulted in me feeling very, very sleepy. Chairlift hit the stage close to midnight, and lead vocalist Caroline Polachek woke my ass up. The enchanting Caroline reminds me of a feisty Feist meets Fiona Apple -- diverse pipes that range from haunting (the band originally formed to create haunted house background music -- no surprise here) to playfully in your face. She was all over the stage and pounding on the keyboard. Although the music stands on its own, watching Chairlift's frenetic live show is an experience in its own. You can now catch them on tour with hipster superstars Phoenix.

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