At last night's CFDA Awards in New York City, the fashion world honored of its most tremendous scions, David Bowie.

Bowie, who passed away in early January, was resurrected through a rousing medley, sung by actor Michael C. Hall, while a barrage of Ziggy Stardust clone models strutted in Bowie-esque garb.

Bowie's Board Director's Tribute Award was accepted by his collaborator, and soul-sister from the same pocket of interstellar space whence he came, Tilda Swinton.

Swinton was there on behalf of Bowie's widow, Iman, and read a beautiful letter addressed to the Star Man, himself.

Dear Dave,
The CFDA had the great good sense and elegance to tip their caps at you this year. There's pretty much no year out of the last 40 that this would not have been a good idea. But this time round, it feels like an apt opportunity, given this stage in the proceedings, to remind us all how very much a part of us you always were and always will be. At the request of your beautiful Mrs., I've come to collect it for her, for you. These kind people, the fanciest fashion people on the planet, are giving you their highest prize, their director's tribute. To honor and to thank you for all the shakes you've thrown, from start to finish, through all your years, London and otherwise. All your changes. Ever moving forward. All your kindness. All your magic. All your vim and vigor. All your glory. Always and always. You checked out early and we're still finding things you left in the drawers and looking for a forwarding address. But you're still hanging signs in the sky in the trees and the forests and we're so grateful for every one. We want to tell you that we miss you, but how very happy we all are that you came by. And that we're getting used to resting on your stardust in your absence. Once upon a time you gave us a freak for freaks. Now and forever more, in our missing you, and this is a good thing, you have brought out the freak in everyone...One man's freak is another man's free. Difference and change are all we ever have to rely upon and always will. Thank you chum, for brightening our horizon, for inspiring and exhilarating and enlightening our times. How lucky we are to turn up since you were first here. Thank you for your happiness and your eternal Bona-ness and jzush. You're our hero, forever and ever. Everyone says hi.
Your Tilly.


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Photography: Kimber Capriotti / Styling by Lizzy Rosenberg