Leave it to Celine Dion to come through and end this disaster of a week on a high note for all.

The legendary French-Canadian diva was seen exiting her hotel in Paris, donning a baggy black sweatshirt with the iconic movie poster for 1997's Titanic.

Well, damn.

As you KNOW (I fucking hope), the singer sang the Academy Award-winning supernova's theme song, "My Heart Will Go On"--the most iconic song of the mid to late 90s.

She won an Oscar for it.


She added to the effortless look with Saint Laurent jeans, and Gucci heels--ICONIC.

The sweatshirt says "Coming Soon;" OBVIOUSLY custom.

As Cosmo points out, it can be yours (when it hits the racks) for a cool $885.


Time to revisit never letting go...

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